Meet The Brick & Mirror Beauty Bar Team

Brick and Mirror Beauty Bar's team is made up of some of the finest hair stylist and Makeup Artist in the beauty industry.

Owner / Master Barber

George Verdis

George Verdis has been in the salon industry his entire life. Born into a lineage of barbers he is a true master of clippers and Men's Hairstyling.


Senior Colorist / Truss Brand Ambassador

Kimmy Studzinski

Kimmy Studzinski has been a professional stylist for over 5 years and is now one of the senior colorist at Brick and Mirror Beauty Bar. Kimmy specializing in open air balayage, and highlights.


Senior Stylist / Colorist

Rebecca Moss

Rebecca Moss has been professional stylist for over 5 years, and a natural born artist. Rebecca is a transformation specialist, using her vision and talent to create a new you


Stylist / Colorist

Gianna Zois

Gianna Zois has been professional stylist for over 5 years, and has been an amazing asset to the Brick and Mirror


Styling / Colorist

Gabby Perrello

Gabby has been a creating beauty for over 8 years. From creating magnificent color to creating sleek and sophisticated styles, Gabby's talents are second only to her warm, positive energy. 

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